Hello, G’day, Sabaidee, Nihao, I’m Sasha
(‘Sasa’ in Chinese, ‘So Slow’ in Lao and ‘Ciao Bella’ in Italian)!

I’m a chronic dreamer, serial expat, traveller and adventure seeker, and “officially” a Business & Dreamaker Coach (yep I’m the one with the whistle kicking you into action!).

If all I did in life was drink chocolate frappes on a beach after a session of yoga and help ambitious, gorgeous gals like yourself get past the barriers holding you back from your dreams, then I would feel like one very fulfilled gal!

I want to inspire you to get off your couch, stop enviously scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and start taking action to make your dreams YOUR REALITY!  

So, why am I that gal to inspire you?…well…read my story and find out…


Conscious Business and Re-Igniting Passion though Work-Life Satisfaction! Part 1

Every week I promise myself I’m going to get up early so I don’t miss out on #MillennialTalk on Twitter.  Most weeks I either don’t get up early enough or I get completely confused about the day and the time because thanks to timezones, 8pm on Tuesday in North America is the wee hours of Wednesday morning here in Asia. But, today I knew I could not miss out on #MillennialTalk with such a juicy topic “Conscious Business and Re-Igniting Passion though Work-Life Satisfaction” co-hosted by the incredible Tamara McCleary, creator of  RELATIONSHIFT®.   I was in my element in this chat. It is a topic I just can’t get enough of. It was all about mindset, how our stories define us and how we have a choices on just how much they define us.  It was about living in the present, it was about relationships and it was just so damn juicy I decided to split this wrap-up into 2 parts so I could share more of this enlightening chat with you all. Enjoy reading all the wisdom shared by this incredible group of chat participants and if you have something to add make sure to add your answers to these questions in the comments at the bottom of the page. P.S. If you participated in this chat and I missed your answers to any of the questions please leave them in the comments below also.  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out of the even juicy Part 2!   Q1. Why do you say that Work-Life Balance is a myth? We put so... read more
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