The hidden pain that stopped me writing…

23 Mar

For the past 6 months I’ve barely written a word… My fingers have stayed away from the keyboard… My brain deeply lost in wallowing over my pain… Now don’t start to think that something tragic happened in my life, it didn’t, in fact personally I’ve never been happier…well almost. Now it’s been no secret on […]

How culture shock sparked a Cereal obsession…

10 Nov

I can vividly remember the first time I experienced culture shock. It was two weeks into my time in China. It was a cold, wet, dreary day as I sat there balling my eyes out on the hard, painful mattress, in what would be my new, freezing, damp home for the next 6 months. Now […]

The brilliant logic behind China’s new “Facekini’s”

27 Aug

Chinese beach wear is something that has always baffled me, from the tight little briefs that the men seem to think make them look masculine to the frilly little girls bikini’s that have been seemingly hit by the “Honey I blew up the kid” treatment and enlarged to women sizes.  Then there’s the outfits some […]

Contemplating my past and future in China

16 Aug

In the late hours of one cold February night in 2010, a nervous and excited 21 year old touched down in China to begin the adventure of her life. That 21 year old was me. I went to China with the intention of only staying for 6 months.  I was running away from Australia. I […]

Help me make my Eco Travel mission a reality!

1 Aug

I’ve never been good at asking anyone for help and I’ll admit it’s not the best quality to have particularly as an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to do something to change the world. As much as I like to think I’m Wonder Woman who can do everything on my own the reality is I can’t.  […]

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